Happy Birthday America

July, as an adult, is as bittersweet as it is reminiscent; a time of year that arrives long before you are prepared and ends before you have the opportunity to truly savor the nostalgic aroma of burning sparklers and toasted marshmallow.  Blink, and you’ll miss it—blink, and you’ll be battling a serious case of yuletide

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Friends by chance, family by choice…

Mandee Geary and her party visited our store back in April in preparation for her September wedding. Little did we know how much our hearts would be warmed by the journey these women have traveled when they walked through the door.  Together as friends, family, and soul-sisters, they had established and maintained a relationship that most

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Summer Sale

Today was the first day of our Summer Sale! If you couldn’t make it in today, don’t worry! The sale goes until July 28th! Don’t wait too long though. You’ll want to get a head start on those $9 dresses! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!  

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