Emily & Andrew || Petals and Promises Bridal Bride

Our love story starts 2,643 days before the day we were married, even longer if you count when we actually first met. When I first laid eyes on Andrew, I was 12 years old in the 7th grade with bushy hair, braces, awkward, etc. I even asked Andrew to dance at the school Christmas dance, but he was a 13 year old boy so naturally he said no. Really, it all started October 1, 2010. We were now in the 9th grade. One day we really got talking and haven’t stopped since. Andrew quickly became my very best friend, and that is what I always called him. My best friend, and only my best friend, even though everyone knew that wasn’t true. We were even nominated cutest couple in the 9th grade year book, but high school had its ups and downs. Somehow through it all we stayed best friends, despite the drama, other boyfriends and girlfriends, and everything else that comes with the teenage years. He was still my first handhold, first prom date, first kiss, and first love. After too many slurpee runs, constant texting, trips to Bear Lake and St. George, lots of baseball games and tennis matches, swim parties, and late night drives the day came for Andrew to leave on a two year mission to Ecuador. When he left we were still “just friends” but the night we said goodbye was one of the most bittersweet nights of my life. I was so sad I slept on my moms floor. For two years we wrote letters, every week. Those two years were long (like reallllly long) but our love grew more than I could have imagined. He did everything he could to make sure I knew what he wanted this time around. Flowers somehow showed up every birthday, first day of school, and sometimes just because. I missed him so much those two years (just ask my freshman roommates). Every night when I fell asleep I envisioned the day he would come home. And then that day came. That was the beginning of the three happiest days of my life. My heart could burst just thinking about it. From that moment on we have been practically inseparably and still best friends but this time around admittedly more too. The next year was spent really dating and continuing to let our love grow.

Now on to the second happiest day of my life. It was the second weekend of February and I was headed to New York on a girls trip with my now mother and sister-in-laws. We arrived in the city late Thursday night and Friday was spent walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, shopping, and ending the night with a broadway show. After the show my mother-in-law said she had something else in mind. I happily followed thinking she was just showing us the way to her favorite treat in the city or something. We approached one of the city libraries right in downtown Manhattan and I started babbling about how much I loved libraries. As we rounded the corner I saw a man standing on the steps with flowers, I assumed he was waiting to pick up a girl in a taxi or something. I turned to my future sister-in-law and even said, “Awww look at that guys on the steps holding flo…” I stopped mid sentence. “No way! Stop it. Are you kidding me? Oh my goodness. Are you serious? Are you serious?” I started walking faster and met Andrew on those steps with the biggest hug, kiss, and tears in my eyes. He knelt down asked me to marry him and I said, “Of course!” It was so dreamy. Nothing is dreamier than the love of your life surprising you by flying half way across, no wait all the way across the country and asking you to be his wife. He crashed the girls weekend and we enjoyed more Shake Shack and shopping with a smile that could not be wiped off my face.

July 1, 2017. The third and possibly the absolute happiest day of my life. Earlier in the week we held an open house at a local church with brownies and soft serve ice cream so the day of we really were able to enjoy every moment with our family and closest friends. We were married in the Bountiful Temple (without the steeple…. it was under construction) and the ceremony was beyond special. Family and friends commented they had never seen two people happier or with bigger smiles throughout the entire ceremony. And we truly were so beyond happy! The day just kept getting better as we shared one of our favorite meals, in one of our favorite places, with our favorite people. We served Costa Vida in my grandparents backyard complete with a live band, darling photo booth, lots of dancing, and a dessert bar with all of our favorites. And I mean all our favorites! Each dessert had a little name card with why we chose it, some were made my our wonderful baker and others by myself, friends, aunts, and cousins. Every detail was perfect thanks to angel mothers, aunts, friends, and sisters. I could go on and on and on. But the sign really says it all. BEST DAY EVER.

Check out the wedding video by Kassidee Guerts:Click here

Dress – Petals and Promises
Photography – Amanda B Photography
Hair and Makeup – The bride (“Courtesy of Walmart and Smith’s makeup aisles”)
Videography – Kassidee Guerts
Food – Costa Vida
Cake, Nanimo Bars, Lemon Ricotta Cookies and Brownies- Decadence by Kathryn
Best Day Ever Sign – Alphagraphics

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