Get the Most Out of Gown Shopping || Petals and Promises Photo Shoot

We recently participated in a styled shoot with K & A Creative. Before we show you the dreamy photos, here’s some tips from our consultants to help you get the most out of shopping for your wedding gown. At Petals and Promises Bridal, we are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for every bride that walks through our doors. We’ve learned a lot since we first opened in 1976, and are excited to share with you some tips to get the most out of shopping for your wedding gown.

1) When most brides first walk into our store, they usually have a certain style of dress in mind. Most brides have looked on sites such as Pinterest to get inspiration, which is great! Although we may not have the exact gown you’ve picked for your ‘Dream Wedding’ Pinterest board, we usually have a similar gown or a gown with your favorite feature, such as similar lace, sleeves or shape. This leads us to our first tip: be open with your consultant about what you’re looking for. Tell them what you like, what you don’t like, and what price point you want to stick to. When it comes down to it, consultants just want to help you find the dress of your dreams. If there isn’t open communication between and your consultant, they won’t be able to help you find the perfect dress.

2) However, our next tip is to be open to trying on different styles and colors than what you have in mind. Dresses look different in pictures than they look on, and it’s safe to say that most brides fall in love with a dress that is different than what they pictured themselves in. During our appointments, our consultants often pick dresses off the racks based on what you dresses you are liking throughout your appointment. Our consultants know the dresses in store like the back of their hand, when you have a dress on and let our consultants know you love the long lace sleeves but wish the dress had a different bottom or neckline, our consultants will usually have some other gowns in mind to try. Be open to trying our ideas, we have a lot of experience and have seen how different gowns can look when they are on.

3) Keep in mind that most dresses need minor alterations, and some people want to do major alterations to a dress. Trust your consultant when they say it’s possible to make what you want happen! It’s hard to imagine how it’s going to look when it’s all said done, but it is possible and it will look amazing. We work closely with an alteration specialist who can truly make your dream gown custom to you.

4) The smaller the group or entourage the better! Smaller groups make it easier to make a decision. Don’t let your group make the decision for you. If you love a dress- stick to how you feel in it! If it’s really important to you to have a lot of people come, split everything up between two appointments. Come with a smaller group first and narrow it down to your three favorites and then come back and show your big group the three favorites you have. By this point, most brides know which one their favorite dress is and the group can usually tell and will confirm that the dress she loves is THE ONE.

5) This next tip truly makes such a difference! To really top off the bridal experience and almost guarantee that you’ll have the “ah-ha” moment when you find your wedding dress, come showered, dressed, hair done, and a little bit of make up on. This will give you an idea as to how you will look and feel on the day of your wedding and you’ll be able to visualize yourself as you really would be on your perfect day.

6) Our final tip is to come prepared to have a fun and memorable experience! As a consultant, what makes our job so special is the connection we get to make with you at such a fun time in your life! We want your appointment to be as stress free as possible for you and it truly makes our day to be able to help you find the perfect dress for your big day! By the end of our appointments, we love knowing we gained a new friend and we really do want to see pictures of you on your big day! It makes us feel so great to see how happy you are in the dress of your dreams and reconfirms to us that we really do have one of the best jobs. Send us pictures or tag us if you post them on social media! We love staying in contact with our brides.

Dress Petals and Promises Bridal
Photos K & A Creative
Hair Sami Rose
Makeup Katelyn Pierson
Flowers Arrangements by Libby
Model Kylee Bowcutt

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