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“People say you meet your future spouse when you least expect it… but I would say I met mine when I was most content.

After having a few boyfriends and trying to experience what it meant to out on dates, it was easy for me to get down about why I wasn’t meeting “the one”. I decided that I wanted to learn to be content with my life and be happy about where I was in life. I became content and began to think that I didn’t need a man in my life after all… Until May 15, 2016.

Spencer had just come home to Kaysville, UT from Utah State for the summer and walked in to the singles ward. He was late and only caught the last hour of the meeting. I was outside a classroom welcoming the girls in, when he asked me where the men were meeting. I told him where to go and asked him his name, and he in turn asked for mine. When he tells this story, he says that he walked away “intrigued” by me.

It took him a few weeks to ask me out for our first date, and then a month to ask me out for our second date. Oh, that was on the longest month of my life! After that, we were in separable. We were together every evening after I got off work and stayed up as late as we could to spend as much time together as possible. Even in the beginning it seemed that every second counted. Come Mid-July, we both knew what was going to happen but we hadn’t said anything to each other. We waited until two weeks before Spencer had to leave for Utah State before anything was mentioned.

We were in the basement of my parents house looking at our calendars trying to decide what weekends he would come down to see me and what weekends I would go up to see him. The semester was going to be rough, and we knew it. Long distance..? Did that ever work out for anyone? Luckily, it did for us. We planned every weekend all the way to the Thanksgiving holiday. Spencer then asked, what are we going to do next semester? I sat there in silence for a while…. And then we both knew we needed to talk marriage. But, Spencer is a little old fashioned and he didn’t want to say a lot about it, other then when we would get married. So we discussed a few possible weekends and that was the end of the conversation. To some people, that may sound lame. But how romantic that he wanted to go through all the proper steps of asking permission, planning the proposal, and taking me completely by surprise! I love that he wanted that.

October came around and Spencer’s family and I were invited to go to Mexico with some of his family. It was absolutely beautiful. A beach house just a few yards away from the ocean, beautiful water with a beach so remote it felt private. It was amazing. Our first day there, we played in the ocean all day. By mid-afternoon, we were so tired and all decided to clean up and help with dinner. Right as dinner was about to start, Spencer decides that he wants to go take a walk on the beach. The sun was just setting so I thought, “Why not? We’re in Mexico- we have to go on a romantic walk on the beach.” It was beautiful. The water was dark and cool, the air warm, beautiful colors in the sky, and we just walked and talked about everything and anything. After about 10 minutes, we started to head back and he pulled me out further to the ocean where the tide was lower and we stood on a sand bar, almost completely surrounded by shallow water. He pulled me close and gave me a hug and told me that he loved me and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised! I was not expecting it right then, or on the trip at all! I was thrilled and of course said yes. I was even more thrilled when he told me that he had some one get pictures of the whole thing.

We planned our wedding for March 4, 2017. I had no idea what learning to be content with my life would bring me. I was truly happy with the life I was living before Spencer came along. Spencer only grew my level of happiness more than I ever could have imagined possible.”


Dress: Petals and Promises Style 2602
Photographer: Dan Page Photography
Flowers: Willow Specialty Florist
Cake: Sweet Whimsy Cakes
Wedding Venue: Fountain View Event Venue
Bridal Photo Locations: The Charcoal Loft and Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Tux: JCPenney
Hair and Makeup: Taylor Stephens

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