Hane & Bo || Petals and Promises Bridal Bride

“I come all the way from Vitoria, ES, Brazil to study International Business and Economics at USU, so Bo and I’s love story has crossed thousands of miles to become true.

Bo and I first met during my racquetball class on the Spring semester of my sophomore year. Our interaction was minimal, and I only knew him because he was that one guy that was always late. Later in the semester I applied for the Huntsman Scholar Program. During its interview, I saw him there. Once I got the news I was accepted, I mentioned it to Bo during class. That was the first conversation I remember having with him. Later on I would find out that was actually the second time .

Three months went by, and I started the Huntsman Scholar semester. Bo happened to be one of the co-presidents of the program. Although we had small talks now and then about projects, I had never imagined Bo had any interested in me. I just never paid enough attention, I think. Suddenly, however, I got a text from Bo. My first thought was to assume he was just checking on me, as a co-president responsibility, to make sure things were going ok. Him trying to keep the conversation going seemed strange to me. He finally asked if I wanted to go out to grab lunch sometime. I was confused – was it a date or a nice invitation from a scholar to another scholar? – but I accepted it.

Soon I was to find out he always had a crush on me, and he would talk to his best friend – the other co-president of the program – about “this cute Brazilian girl in his racquetball class.” His friend, Preston, was the one to convince Bo to ask me out. He said, “if it goes bad, you can always say you where just checking up on her.” Preston’s plan worked! We recently got married at the rooftop of a private place in Logan Utah. It was the most unique, beautiful, and blessed wedding I could have asked for. ”

Photos: Sloan Olivia Photography

Flowers: The Flower Shoppe

Hair piece & table decor: Lee’s Marketplace

Makeup: Emily Brodock

Hair: Hailey Petersen

Catering: The Waffle Iron and Iron Gate Catering

Videographer: Lott Weddings

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