Jenna & Trevor || Petals and Promises Bridal Bride

“I met Trevor 10 years ago, he was a 16 year old sophomore in high school and I was a 14 year old 8th grader. (We were so young, it’s crazy to think back and realize just how YOUNG we were). Anyway, I was getting ready with my friends to go to the high school basketball game that night. All I knew was that my friends boyfriend was going to pick us to go to the game. When I came out of the house and opened up the truck door, there was Trevor driving this awesome Toyota. I was forced to sit between Trevor and my friends boyfriend. At first I didn’t want to do that but they made me and I had no choice. (Years later, Trevor told me the reason he wanted me to sit between them was because when he saw me come out of my friends house he turned to his friend and said that I was the most beautiful girl and that he wanted me to be his girlfriend). All I remember from that car ride to the basketball game was how nervous I was to sit between two older boys. So, we went to the basketball game and they wanted to leave at half time to go to a party. I did not want to leave the game because I had told my mom that we were going to the game and going back to my friends house when the game was over but I was peer pressured into going to the party. When we got to the party the only thing I wanted to do was to go back to the game so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I kept saying to Trevor that I wanted to leave and go back to the game and his rely back to me was that I had to become his girlfriend and he would take me back. I was starting to get annoyed and finally agreed that I would. Ever since that day, both of our lives changed. We knew we had something special between us.

10 years later, It was Christmas Eve and we were doing some last minute Christmas shopping in Logan. We were sitting in his Toyota truck (same truck from story above) after we had gone to a store and I started to ask him when are we going to get married? He was being really vague and was like “I don’t know.” So, I asked him do you even have a ring yet? while I was asking him I started to pat down his vest he was wearing. He just kept saying to me maybe I do and maybe I don’t. So, I started to look in other places of the truck and I started to open the glove box when I saw the little red box with a bow on it. I gasped which made him look over and he thrust his hand towards the glove box and he slammed the lid real fast. He turned to me and said why did you open that, you never look in there? I started to laugh and apologize at the same time. We were pretty speechless for a good ten minutes. As soon as I saw the box all I wanted to do was to see the ring but I wanted him to do the proposal right and get down on his knee. So, we headed home towards the Wellsville mountains and found a beautiful wood fence by freshly fallen snow and that’s where he proposed to me and it couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Petals and Promises Style: P952
Photographer: Rachel Hudson from Kylee Ann Studios
Flowers: Dahlia Event Planning
Centerpieces: Plant Peddler Floral
Venue: American West Heritage Center
HMUA: B Beautiful Artistry
Decorations: Embellish The Moment
Cake and Refreshments: Lee’s Bakery of Logan

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