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“The funny thing is that Taylor and I lived really close to one another for most of our lives. He was friends with the older siblings of some of my friends. We went to the same high school but he was a senior when I was a freshman, we didn’t meet until college. One of my best friends graduated with Taylor and they were friends. My friend introduced us and we went on our first date to Center Street Grill. There we tried their strawberry avocado shake and everything seemed to click. After that, we were inseparable.

We dated for about 9 months before getting engaged. I knew it was coming, I had gone with him to look at rings and picked out the perfect one. My aunt’s dad, Dave Love, is the one who made the ring. I was sure it was going to happen on Valentines day, but the ring wasn’t ready. He told me on Valentines day that the ring wouldn’t be ready for 2 more weeks. I was super bummed since we had already waited a couple of weeks. Taylor’s sister Candace was supposedly starting a makeup blog (turned out to be false) and said she wanted to do my makeup. Stacey (Taylor’s sister that took our wedding day pictures and has a photography business alexandstacey.com) was going to take the pictures for the blog. Taylor came over to my house to pick me up and I said to him, “I know that you are going to propose today.” He assured me that the ring wasn’t ready. I later found out he had texted his sister Stacey, “Crap! I think Kadra is seeing through our plan”.

Even though I really didn’t want to go have my makeup done and it was getting dark, I went anyways. Taylor told me he had to help his brother-in-law move some things at the school he works at. We went out to take the pictures at Merlin Olson Park. I kept turning around waiting for Taylor to pop out. Stacey had me walk in the tunnel underneath center street and she said that she was going to be on the outside taking pictures. When I came out out of the tunnel there was a light path and some lanterns that Taylor had set up. Taylor was standing at the end of the line of lanterns and then got down on one knee.
I loved our wedding day! It was so so special! We got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, which is so beautiful — inside and out. We took pictures and then went home to our reception. and helped set up some last-minute things. We had our reception at the Logan River Golf course. It was a perfect day. We kept checking the weather and it kept saying it was going to rain… you know Utah weather is unpredictable. Finally the day came, with not a cloud in the sky.

My favorite part of the wedding day was being with Taylor and being sealed to him for eternity and being around our closest friends and family all day. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect husband or wedding day. ”


Photos Alex & Stacey Photography

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