Kristine & McKay || Petals and Promises Bride

“I like to think that the forces of the universe were pushing for McKay and I to happen. We met in Spring 2016 when we were in the same institute class. McKay and I became friends pretty quickly and every day he would walk me to my classes, but I was planning on moving to Provo after the semester (plus I had a boyfriend at the time which I conveniently left out, because c’mon LOOK AT HIM). At the end of the semester, McKay and I parted ways and that was it for us for the moment.

BUT After months of planning to move (quite literally) all of my plans fell apart, and I decided to stay in Logan for just a little longer. Like I said though, the forces of the universe were pushing us together, and McKay kept coming up in my life. I would see him washing windows at my workplace, or I would meet one of his mission companions. Finally my mom told me she noticed a cute boy liked one of my pictures on Facebook, and I HAD to message him! So… that’s what I did, and on Dec 15 (nearly a year after meeting) we started talking again, and haven’t stopped since. Talking to McKay was never awkward or uncomfortable, it was kind of like picking up conversation with my best friend. He’s just so warm and calm and one of those people that has a light that you just want to be around always. I guess that’s why it was so easy to fall in love with him.

I thought it was the absolute most special thing that we said I love you before we ever even kissed. It made that first kiss the best kiss ever. McKay has always told me that he sees love and a person he loves like a cupcake. The icing on the top is great, but he is interested on what’s on the inside.

Here’s the funny thing that happened to get us to this whole marriage thing. McKay and I both were pretty forward at the beginning of our dating that it would be a while before either of us ever got married. Then that turned into maybe sooner rather than later. Then maybe in August. Then It has to be in the summer cause I can’t wait anymore to have you forever. I guess it’s kind of hard to wait when you’re in love with your best friend, and so we decided on getting married in July (only 6 months of dating). For me it was important that McKay picked out the ring himself because it’s a special gift that shows his love for me, and it will always mean more than if I would have went with him and did it all myself. And BOY did he do such a great job!

Now, the proposal was a little complicated because we were on a timeline and so I knew it was going to happen, and my only request was that it’d be a surprise, and he succeeded at the surprise part. That weekend McKay was supposed to be off hunting in the Henry’s (to which I was slightly bitter). The whole time he is supporting that story with pictures of him hunting and telling me how freezing it is in his sleeping bag. Meanwhile, my boss asked me to come over to his house on Sat to do a Skype video conference to vouch for him for his malpractice insurance (sounds legit right?). Might I add that my boss Dr. Doug has been like a second dad to me for the past two years and his wife and kids are like my other family. Anyways, I show up to their house and his wife Melody answers the door and walks me around back. There were a ton of lights on the trees and music playing so I assumed they had thrown a party earlier that day. Then after I had come around the corner I noticed tea lights and rose petals lighting an entire path to McKay. As I walked closer I noticed pictures of all of our adventures strung up, and a table with things from all of our best memories. Of course there were also cupcakes, because our love is like a cupcake, the inside is what matters most. It was the best surprise I could have asked for. He got down on one knee and told me the sweetest things I have ever heard in my life, and then gave me the most beautiful perfect ring.

and… before I go I wanted to let you know how much I love my dress. Originally when planning the wedding I was only going to rent a dress. My mom was married at a courthouse and didn’t really see the importance of having my very own wedding dress that I was only going to wear for one day. However, my husband thought having my own dress I could keep forever would be important because he remembers all the girls in his family trying on his mom’s dress and the same with his grandma and he thought that was a special experience.

One day when I was driving past Petals and Promises I saw my dress on the mannequin in the display and immediately pulled over. It was 10 minutes before closing and I tried on the dress with that perfect veil and it was the dress I had been searching for. It’s kind of like the dress spoke to me. However, I went home pretty sad because I knew there was no way I could get it.

Over the weeks McKay saw how much I loved that dress and it ended up being a special present from him to me. I’m so grateful for that special gift because I love knowing that I will always have that dress from the most special day of my life. It was everything I was looking for and I know things wouldn’t have been quite as perfect without it. I also love knowing that I can look in my closet and I have a tangible item to look at and reflect on those happy experiences. I know not everyone gets that opportunity, but I am extremely grateful I did. IT WAS WORTH IT, and I would do it over a million times again.”

Dress: Petals and Promises Style M545
Photographer: Sunny Days Photography

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