Logan and Tiffany || Petals and Promises Bridal Bride

“I thought finding the perfect dress was going to be hard for me. But it was the easiest part of planning our whole wedding. I originally saw my dress on the rack and thought the color wasn’t right for me, I did however, find the same dress in ivory and white. After trying on the ivory i loved it but something just wasn’t right. I was told to wait a minute while the lady helping me grabbed the dress in a champaign color for me to try. I put it on and instantly knew that this dress made me feel different than the rest! I just had to get it.
Logan and I met our freshman year of college. He lived next door to me in our apartment building. One day my front door was open and this boy ran past and up the stairs, my roommate and I didn’t think much of it until he ran back and forth a few times and eventually tripped down the stairs. He could hear us start laughing so he came back and said “hey, are you guys laughing at me?” I just couldn’t lie! After that we started hanging out with each other all the time and he asked me on our first date to a country concert, I love country so how could I not say yes to that, and a cute boy? He kissed me during the last song and after that we started dating. We were inseparable. After only dating for 4 months he asked me to marry him and we were married 3 months later. Today were just as inseparable as we were the day we started dating!”
Xoxo -Tiffany

Photos: Caili’s Photos
Flowers: Bailey Jo Floral Design
Venue: Sal Lake City LDS Temple and Cactus and Tropicals

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