Amber & Sam


April 13, 2013


LDS Logan Temple

Love Story:

Sam and I met up at school while we were attending the same ward. We each received callings where it required us to attend the same meeting every Sunday with a bunch of others. Still I had no idea who he was. I had only heard his name multiple times from others girls in that same ward. They would always say that he was cute or really funny. I had no idea who he was or even knew what he looked like. All I knew was that all the other girls wanted him... so I wanted him. We ended up finally meeting. One day he called me while I was working out at the gym. I didn't answer thinking he was just going to inform me about our next meeting like he had in the past. I text him later asking what time our next meeting would be at thinking that is what he had called me. He then responded that he actually wanted to ask me out on a date. I was very surprised, but very excited. He later called me to officially ask me out. We went on our first date on Feb 11th 2012. We went out to dinner, went and played laser tag and then finished the night watching the movie "Tangled". To tell you the truth, it was not the best first date, but he claims I put my hand on his leg towards the end of the night and that is why he continued to ask me out :) We continued to date steady, and on December 7th of 2012 Sam asked me to marry him. I said "yes" and we were married on April 13th 2013 in the Logan Temple. We are currently living in Idaho and attending school. We are very happy and are excited for what the future brings us.