Caitlin & Daniel


August 7, 2015


Love Story:

We were both going to school at Southern Utah University, and we were both on the cross country team. We became friends first. Then about a month later we went on a date as friends and ended up starting to like each other more and more after that. Our relationship progressed throughout the entire school year until we decided to get married. I told Danny that I wanted the proposal to be a complete surprise. Which it was. We went for a picnic on a sunny Sunday afternoon (April 19th to be exact). We were sitting, eating, talking, having a good time when all of a sudden he asks me if I love him enough to stand up right now. It felt a little weird at first, but then he pulled out the ring and before he even got the question out I was screaming "Yes!" about a billion times. After hugging him for a few minutes, he pointed out my roommate hiding in a bush taking pictures of us. It was all I could have imagined. We then spent the summer apart, him living in American Fork with his mom and me living in Idaho with my parents. It was hard but we got married and are now happily living in American Fork and attending Utah Valley University.