Danelle & Tyler


December 17, 2011


LDS Logan Temple

Love Story:

Tyler and Danelle met in a college math class at Utah State University! Math was never their best subject in school, so they were both looking for alternative subjects to captivate their attention. They met on the second day of class when they passed each other as they handed in their homework. She batted her eyelashes, he smiled, and it was love at fist sight. The next day Danelle saved Tyler a seat by putting her back pack on the chair right next to her. As soon as he walked in she moved her bag to the floor and pretended to find something inside. Tyler saw this as the perfect opportunity and took a seat! The two still blame the other for almost getting kicked out of class on multiple occasions for talking and laughing too loud! He got her number that first day and the two were inseparable! He would "tutor" her in math and she would flirt shamelessly. Needless to say... he passed the class and she did not. After school was out, the two built a tire swing on a random tree in front of Danelle's apartment! Towards the end of the summer that tire swing is where Tyler finally popped the question! As soon as December rolled around the wedding bells were ringing and the two were married for time and eternity in the Logan Temple!