Erica & Clayton


December 2015


South Jordan, UT LDS Temple

Love Story:

We met on a blind date in October of 2014. We went on 8 or 9 dates in about a 6 week period and then Clayton asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, so pretty much date exclusively. That was in the beginning of December 2014. We dated exclusively for 8 months, and he proposed in Aug 2015. On our first date, the blind date, I was impressed with his looks, and he thought I was very attractive as well. We went to Kneader's and Little Bear Bottoms Corn Maze, and we talked to each other without effort. He asked me out for a second date on the doorstep! We didn't actually kiss until Feb 2015, two months into our dating. I had never kissed anyone, and he knew I wasn't super pushy in the physical stuff. Clayton was ready to marry me as early as late February but he knew that it would take me a lot longer to know. In July, I finally thought about it and said to myself, "If Clayton was to get down on one knee tomorrow, with no obligation of when the wedding would be and how we would do it, what would I say? I would say yes in a heartbeat!" That is when I knew I wanted to marry Clayton. The main reasons I fell in love with him: he has a very deep respect and caring attitude towards all women. Young and old, Family or not. I really admired that in him and I knew he would treat me well. We also have similar senses of humor. I have an odd sense of humor, so it worked really well that way. He also is very selfless and only wants the best for the people he really cares about. The reasons why he loved me: he thought I was very pretty and beautiful. He admired the fact that I love to serve and help others. He also liked how friendly I was and that not only was I outgoing but I also made everyone feel like my friend. We married in December 2015.