Janae & Jackson


May 30, 2014


Logan, Utah LDS Temple

Love Story:

Jackson and I had a Humanities class together at USU in the Spring of 2013, but never talked to each other in that class. We always smiled and waved but were both too nervous to talk to each other. On finals day I knew it was my last chance to at least know his name…so I tried to time it right where I could finish my test at the same time as him, but I take tests a lot faster than he does. I walked out the door and tried to wait for him to catch up but decided it was too awkward and I RAN home. Little did I know, he went 10 minutes early that day and sat outside the classroom just to wait for me to go into class so and finally talk to me to find out who I was. However, I was a few seconds too late and he had decided to go in to take his test. When he saw me walking slow outside after the test was finished, he got so excited, but was instantly crushed when I began to run away. He called all his friends and even his mom to tell them how sad he was that he never talked to that cute girl in his class that he had told them about from the beginning of the semester. A few months later in July, I was working at a store in the mall when he came in with who I was hoping was his sister and mom. I greeted them like I would any customer, but instantly remembered where I had seen that cute smile before. I realized he was the guy from my class and I knew it was my only chance to talk to him! When they were finished shopping, I voluntarily went to the registers to ring them up. We finally met each other and talked about our class and away they went. I was pretty bummed he didn’t ask for my number because I knew there was something different about him, but I wasn’t worried this time. I finally knew his name was Jackson and his mom said their last name was "Everton". I found him on Facebook and sent him a little message with my number. It didn’t take long for him to respond to my message that night and only a few days later we had our first date! Only 3 days (and two dates) later, we had our first kiss and 8 months later we were engaged. We were married in the Logan temple and continue to fall more in love every day.