McKenzie & Shaun


May 22, 2014


Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Love Story:

Our story starts back in high school. Shaun and I both attended Weber High School, but we never knew each other until the end of our sophomore year. Our friends decided to try and set us up. Neither of us were very interested, but we went along. The more we talked, the more we ended up realizing that a spark was there. To make a long story short, we ended up dating all through high school. We had so many up and down's from supporting each other in sports (football and dance) to motorcycle accidents. Our relationship went through a lot, but we only grew stronger because of all the struggles. Once we graduated from high school Shaun decided to serve an LDS mission. He would leave to Brazil for two years and it was up to me to either wait for him, or date other people. I went on a couple of dates and had a great time but no one ever compared to Shaun. Those two years were the hardest of my life but the day he got home I knew it was all worth it. We both knew we were meant to be together and we could finally be married for eternity! On February 13, 2014 Shaun asked me to marry him and I said YES! We were married May 22, 2014 in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and we have been so happy ever since!