Miranda & Matt


September 27, 2014


Love Story:

Miranda and Matt knew of each other since middle school, but it wasn’t until the summer when Miranda graduated and Matt was home from his first year of college that they began talking earnestly. That summer flew by in a blur of baseball, long talks, and movies, but when they had to leave each other for college both ended up in tears, wondering what they’d do with the other 6 hours away. The extent of their affection for each other way obvious, and despite the distance between them, they talked all the time and they saw each other once a month. Miranda spent Christmas with Matt and his family, and Matt had a surprise for her that day–-a flight out to Tulsa, Oklahoma where they’d attend his biological mother’s wedding. That wasn't the only surprise he had in store for Miranda, though. The day of their flight home, Matt proposed to her in the garden of the hospital where he was born. “I’ll never forget that moment. I think it’s different for everyone [and] we hadn’t been together for very long, but you just know when it feels so meant to be,” Miranda elaborated. “This is what I feel with him and we have our own language of love.”