Anellise & Tyson


August 22, 2015


Aurora, Oregon Langdon Farms Golf Course

Love Story:

After getting my associates degree at home in Washington (near Portland, OR), I had a random desire to find somewhere far from home that didn't have rain so I came to Utah State. My first summer after I transferred to USU, I went on an internship in Fort Collins, Colorado. Loving my summer stay, I applied to transfer to Colorado State University and got accepted. Just as I was finding housing, I had a random desire/feeling I should go back to USU to finish my degree in civil engineering. About a month after we got back from summer, a guy from one of my classes asked me to go on a double date with his friend Tyson. They were all civil engineering students as well, but having just transferred the year before I didn't know very many names, but I knew faces. I had no idea who it was, but I decided to go and make some friends. Of course I did what every girl would do and found his Facebook to see who he was. I was so excited to find out it was him because I had always had an eye on him since we had every class together. He dressed like a cowboy, and I had assumed he was from a ranch and had a serious girlfriend. Don't ask. Coming from the big city of Portland, I definitely thought cowboys were attractive. I went on this date unsure of what to expect. I received a text from Tyson apologizing for his friend asking me on a date and saying how embarrassed he was, but that he would still like to go anyway. After texting here and there until the next day, I told him I would be ready in 10 minutes. I pulled up to my apartment complex, and he was just getting out of his car there. I was extremely creeped out because I never told him where I lived. We quickly found out we lived in the same apartment complex in buildings right next to each other. I ran inside to quickly get ready and then went outside to meet him. He opened the car door for me (which I had never had happen before) and there was a sunflower in a water bottle in the cup holder. He never mentioned the flower and let it sit there (months later after dating, he confessed he got it for me but was too afraid to say anything). Our first double date was so fun. We went hiking and had a picnic and Tyson conveniently packed everything I love: a Lunchable, fruit and naked juice. We went our separate ways for a while from the other couple and started to talk while watching the sunset (it almost sounds like a fairy tale), but I knew I was going to fall for him, and it was going to be quick. Fast forward a couple months and we had started to spend a lot of time together going on super fun dates and having late night study parties. He spoiled me rotten. He would bring me medicine when I was sick, fake coffee when I tried to stopped drinking it, leave me cute love notes EVERYWHERE and would throw snowballs at my windows sometimes. I was falling madly in love him. We started to talk more seriously since we were both going off to internships the next summer and were worried about housing when we got back. A couple months later, we started talking about our wedding. I was a new member to the church and my family, not being LDS, didn't understand why we wanted to get married so fast, and it was really hard at first. After awhile they came around and decided to support the whole thing. Tyson let me chose where we would have the wedding, and I chose home. We went and visited my family to pick a venue and ring shop. I fell in love with a ring in Oregon and told him that was the one. He made me walk around the store for over an hour so he could "maybe" buy it. We got back to school, and I knew he had bought the ring. I was dying to be engaged. He took me on a week long of romantic dates, completely teasing me. I started to believe he was going to wait till summer to ask me. Then one night he asked me to go on a drive. We rode up the Wellsville Mountains and were spinning out and sliding around in mud. Being a little panicked I made him turn around. We did and got out to look at the view. Tyson then said, "You know your past and you have a future. Well I love ducks, and bears are cool, too." Then he got down on one knee in the mud and said, "Will you marry me?" It was the perfect cowboy hunter way to say it! Of course I said yes. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazingly sweet man! We had a beautiful green outdoor wedding in Aurora, Oregon. Being college students, we were on a tight budget and looked for anyway to save money. We had our wedding at Langdon Farms Golf Course. The ceremony was outside in a greenery area and the reception was in a red shed/barn. It was rustic/outdoorsy/woodsy themed. Perfect for both of us. The venue included everything, and we found a DJ off Craigslist. I did my own make up and my cousin did my hair. I had to get up at 4 am just to be ready for 8am pictures. We had an AMAZING photographer, Troy Wayrynen, who was a family friend. We had another family friend do our engagements in Salt Lake City. I made the centerpieces with the help from my bridesmaids, and it turned out adorable. It turned out to be even more perfect than I imagined. All our family pitched in to make it the most beautiful wedding ever. I really am the luckiest girl in the whole world to have someone as amazing as my husband!