Climbing to Love – Peitra & Sam



March 8, 2014


LDS Bountiful Temple

Love Story:

The first time Peitra Moses and Sam Whiting met, they enduring hours of being stranded in Birch Hollow Canyon in Southern Utah. The strangers were on a canyoneering trip with mutual friends when Peitra fell from a 60 foot rock wall and broke her back and pelvis. Peitra recalls Sam attending to her while they waited for rescue personnel to arrive on the scene. When an unexpected storm brought rains and the threat of flash flood in the slot canyon, Sam and other hikers took the risk to move Peitra to a small cave where they hoped they would be safe. Sam watched over Peitra as well as he was able until she was life-flighted to the regional hospital and transferred to facilities in Salt Lake City. The next six months would include surgeries, dates, crutches and an engagement. By November the couple was engaged and back to rock climbing by December. They credit God for helping them through Peitra’s accident and finding each other. They believe everything happens for a reason.