Stephanie & Curtis


September 28, 2013


Homestead Resort, Midway, Utah

Love Story:

Curtis and Stephanie were introduced by Campi and Nichole Sparks in January 2011. Curtis worked with Campi and Stephanie works with Nichole. One day Nichole had what appeared to be an epiphany at work. "Oh, oh Stephanie I know this great guy to set you up with!" Oddly enough, Stephanie had sworn off dating altogether about a week prior, but since she had only known Nichole for about 3 months, she was really flattered. So she and Nichole facebook stalked Curtis a little at work that night and Stephanie decided to call him the next day. Curtis planned to pick Stephanie up at her house for their first date. She only agreed to giving out her address and riding with a stranger after she interrogated him and bluntly asked if he was going to kidnap her. He simply laughed and said "no". Perhaps this is the best time to mention that Stephanie had never been on a blind date before! They went to the old Savanah's BBQ. It was loud, the food was ok and the band sent their kids around to the tables to beg for tips. It was...... interesting. When Stephanie arrived back to her aunt and uncle's house to pick up her son (relieved that she had not been kidnapped by the goodlooking stranger), she told them that her date had been "ok". Knowing Stephanie as well as they do, they seemed suprised that it was only "ok" because for the first time in a long time Stephanie looked happy. It wasn't until her uncle asked what type of music the band was playing that Stephanie realized how special the night really was. She had no idea what type of music was being played. She had enjoyed her conversation with Curtis too much to even notice. Curtis and Stephanie continued to see each other and fell in love quickly. Once Dylan and Curtis met, they fell in love with each other too. Our little family has really been inseperable since. On Februrary 16th 2013, after calling Stephanie's dad and asking for his blessing, Curtis took Stephanie to dinner at Elements then drove up to Second Dam. He proposed in the very spot that their family pictures had been taken just a month prior.