Started from the Friend Zone Now We Here- Naomi & Oakman || Petals and Promises Bridal Bride

“Oakman and I first met fall 2013 of my Freshman year and his Sophomore year of college at USU during a fraternity and sorority social. During the social they had us playing “Amazing Race”, where you are split into teams and you race around campus finding clues to the final location. Oakman claims he switched with one of his fraternity brothers in order to be on the same team as me because he thought I was cute, but I honestly didn’t think anything of it. Since being on the same team, while we were playing we were able to get to know each other a little better and asked all the basics. After that night, Oak immediately added me on Facebook and again, I did not think anything of it, but he says he was making a “move”. Oak and I would have small conversations here and there around campus or some library hang outs but nothing more than friends.
It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 when Oak and I got really close, close as in best of friends, nothing more at the time. We hung out everyday that summer. From Charlie’s runs, to golfing, or night games on campus, we were inseparable. Little did I know Oakman was developing deep feelings towards me, while I didn’t think we were anything more than friends (either I suck at reading flirting, or Oakman sucks at flirting). Oakman was so stuck in the friend zone I would even talk to him about my tinder matches and girl things.
As fall semester of 2014 started, Oak and I were still very close. At this point we were both starting to develop feelings for one another, but we individually thought it would be too weird to try and date or that it would ruin our friendship (I say individually because we would both tell our friends but never each other). After some nagging from our friends and their help to get us together, Oak and I finally decided to “try things out” and we officially got together December of 2014 and have been together and in love ever since.
From college finals, to adopting a puppy, long distance for a semester, moving in together and so much more, Oak and I have been through every high and every low a couple needs to experience in order to have a love so strong. With almost two years of dating, Oakman proposed at the Chatfield Dog Park in Denver, Colorado and it was so beautiful and so romantic. Oakman and I thought it would be perfect to get married where it all started. So fast forward to July 1st, 2017. We got married in the back yard of the Alumni House on USU’s campus, with a very intimate ceremony centered around Christ, including our own written vows, and involving our closest friends and family.
Everyone says to “marry your best friend”, and that is exactly what I did. Oakman was my very best friend before we dated and even better friends and the love of my life now. To all the girls that have that one boy-friend who is stuck in the friend zone, reconsider him. He truly cares for you. And to all the boys stuck in the friend zone, there is hope!”
-N a o m i K e n n e d y

I know that is a huge blogging no-no to attach so many pictures, BUT they were too good, I couldn’t just pick a few! I know you readers won’t mind;)


Photography: Calli Richards Photography
Dress: Petals and Promises
Hair and Make-Up: Kayla Vellinga
Ceremony: David B. Haight Alumni House
Reception: Four Seasons Event Center
Caterer: The Copper Mill
Flowers: Lee’s Marketplace
Cake: Grace Harvell
Naomi’s Ring: Shane Co.
Oak’s Ring: Staghead Designs

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