How to Survive and Thrive During Your First Holiday Season Together

We were ecstatic when Julie Morris from reached out to us and wanted to write a holiday guide for newlyweds. With the holidays right at our doorsteps, we thought there was no better topic to share with you guys! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and don’t forget to keep scrolling to check out photos from our photoshoot at the Salt Flats!

Tips for Newlyweds on How to Survive and Thrive During Your First Holiday Season Together

Often, the first time that newlyweds really begin to feel different is during the holidays. For one, you have to deal with your spouse’s extended family – maybe for the first time. You have to spend money together, buying presents for friends and family. You have to open up your marital home to parties. You have to survive the overall stress that comes with the holiday season – together.

It’s also a blessed time. You’ll never forget your first holiday season. Here’s how to make it a good one.

Try having your families come to you

When newlyweds get to their first holiday season together, they should be prepared to spend less time with their family and more time with their spouse’s family. It’s unavoidable. There are only so many hours in the day and you simply can’t hold on, stubbornly, to all of your holiday traditions. Sure, you can split time between your family and your spouse’s family, but you can also take this opportunity to turn them into one big family. Host the holidays at your new marital home and you can have just all much time with both sides of the family. Check here for more suggestions on splitting time between families.

Don’t feel guilty if you want some alone time

Sure, you can host your families during the holidays but it doesn’t have to be a weeklong affair. If you’re feeling too stressed out about some aspect of the holiday season, take a breather. You don’t have to spend time with either extended family. If you and your new spouse want to be alone for a bit, everyone will understand.

Be smart about your wish list

This will be the first holiday season where your friends and family are buying for you as a couple as opposed to each of you separately. You should optimize your wish list to ensure you receive whatever your marital home needs to be complete (or whatever didn’t get checked off the wedding registry!). Think about gifts that you’ll both use and enjoy like a new set of practical knives and dishware. Maybe some indoor plants. Perhaps a solid tool set for all those impending home repairs. For more items that every newlywed needs, check here.

Start a new holiday tradition

Your first holiday together is tough because you will both likely have to break some long-held traditions. This can be upsetting. But it’s also an opportunity to create your own traditions as a new family unit. These traditions can be small and silly, like always eating a box of holiday cookies on a certain night or buying a goofy ornament every year. They can be a little more involved, like pledging to do something charitable together during the holidays or spending some time on a holiday date night. The point is not really what you decide to do, it’s that you decide to do something to replace the old traditions you’re breaking.

For better or for worse. That’s what you recently pledged to each other. As the holidays roll around, you will be met with some of the better and likely some of the worse as well. Be flexible with your traditions, don’t be too fixated on how you split your family time, and make use of your friends and families’ generosity to stock your marital home with everything you need to thrive.

-Julie Morris

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