Yadira & Angel || Petals and Promises Bride

“Angel and I always saw each other around because of similar friends but we officially met at a party and later went to dinner together.

After knowing each other for about 2 1/2 years , we took a trip to New York with both of our families and some close friends. While we were there we visited so many gorgeous places, included the met museum. As we were walking out of The Met Museum I saw a guy with balloons. Angel asked me if I wanted some, I thought it was really weird but I said sure. For some reason It never ran through my mind that this was going to be the actual moment. As he was getting out his wallet, the man told Angel he had a special deal for him, “You can get all these balloons and a mystery gift all for 10$”. So Angel gets the balloons and says great! Then he opens the “mystery gift” and it’s a little UP themed book that said “let’s go on an adventure on the front” and had mini little pictures of us in it and at the end the ring. And that’s how he popped the question! I loved every part of it. Especially because he knew I LOVED the show “Gossip Girl” and that’s where a lot of scenes took place!”


Photographer: Zandra Barriga
Makeup: Jessica Nelson Makeup Artistry
Hair: Tiffany Johnson Beauty
Flowers: Flowers by Laura

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