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Generations of women and little girls have spent many-a-day-dream fantasizing about their dream weddings. In fact, it is safe to claim that one could spend a great portion of their pre-married life obsessively anticipating the intricate details of that perfect day. And in some cases, including but not limited to me, the daydreaming will continue and months after your wedding you’ll still be pinning color swatches and centerpieces.

But truth be told, trends come and go and your preferences will change. More than once. And, speaking as a professional and from personal experience, I testify that the day after your proposal you will still be considering and reconsidering the basics: the dress, the venue, and the colors.

Lucky for us, it’s 2012, and we are not at all bound by the strict traditions of yesteryear–not saying that “tradition” isn’t fabulous, because it is, but where there was once a fear of breaking the norm, we now strive to be the first, the most, and the only. We want to help make that a possibility.

Utilize our knowledge; take advantage of our creativity. Though you may have recently transitioned from the Cinderella bride to the Bohemian-Vintage bride, we have the resources to capture and express every idea and element.

Drive by our Prom location today, check out our peacock-inspired bridesmaids display and let your wheels start turning.

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We are prepared to satisfy any idea. Can’t wait to see you!

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