Audrey & Josh || Petals and Promises Bride

“We met a few times before we started really talking. We met at work, he’s an RN and I’m a CNA at the Hospital. We started going out for ice cream after a couple of our shifts and I started really liking him. The final “test” was when we went to the park for our official first date, to see how well he did with my then 6 month old daughter. He was an hour or so late.. I thought for sure I was getting blown off… but when he FINALLY showed up and started playing with Hazel…oh man! Was it the best sight I’ve ever seen! That moment I knew he would be my husband one day. From that day on he treated us both like queens. He’s the best thing that happened to us. On Easter he put my beautiful ring in my Easter basket and I knew I hit the jackpot with this handsome guy. I couldn’t wait to start planning! I also would have never found the perfect dress without Petals and Promises.. So we sealed the deal and got married at the most beautiful place in Soda Springs ID, on 7-7-17. I’ve never been so happy to be a WHITE girl before.”


Dress: Petals and Promises
Makeup: Kylie Carver
Hair: Chelsi Alvarie
Flowers: The Vintage Cabbage Rose

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