Gorgeous Temple Wedding: Lisa & Marcus

Before Lisa met Marcus, she was in desperate need of a date for an event.

Lisa knew she could count on her cousin to set her up with one of her many friends, but Lisa’s first choice wasn’t available. Her cousin had a backup plan, though: Marcus, another cute guy that she’d been dying to introduce to Lisa for years. And according to Lisa, “What really should have been the most awkward date ever turned out to be one of the best.” Lisa soon returned the favor, being his date to another event, and after that, the pair officially started dating and eventually got engaged. “The only downside to the whole thing,” Lisa joked, “is now my cousin is super smug and demands we name all of our future children after her, which I guess is only fair.”

For her gown, Lisa knew what she wanted, and she visited stores around Salt Lake, finding some she liked. Still, her sister had found her gown at Petals and Promises, so she decided to pop in when all the ladies in her family had a chance to attend. The consultant pulled styles that Lisa had liked at other stores, but then her sister picked out a gown. Not convinced, the bride tried it anyway to humor her sister. “It turned out to be a perfect fit and probably one of the raddest things I’d ever worn,” Lisa shared.

And of course, Lisa looked absolutely gorgeous in her lace gown! The vibrant couple is a vision in these images from Camilla Gomez Bottelberghe Photography. Congratulations to Lisa and Marcus!

temple wedding_lisa&marcus1
temple wedding_lisa&marcus3
temple wedding_lisa&marcus4
temple wedding_lisa&marcus5
temple wedding_lisa&marcus6
temple wedding_lisa&marcus
temple wedding_lisa&marcus7

location:: LDS Temple Salt Lake City, UT
photography::Camilla Gomez Bottelberghe Photography & Spencer Rice Photography (last image)

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