Tips for Bridal Photos

Being in the bridal industry since 1976, we have learned a thing or two to help make your bridal photo sessions go smoothly! One of our favorite parts of our job is to see our bride’s gorgeous photos! We love to share them on our Instagram, Facebook and website.

1) Get some inspiration. Find some poses, makeup looks, hairstyles, and maybe even locations that you like on Pinterest or by searching bridal hashtags on Instagram.

2) Get your beauty rest. The night before your bridal photos is not the time to get last minute wedding planning done. Ensure to have a relaxing night and go to bed early. Everyone photographs better after a good nights rest.

3) We highly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done. Professionals know how to apply makeup and style your hair so that it will stay all day and photograph beautifully.

4) Take your bridal photos a separate day from your wedding. Taking your bridals on a separate day takes the stress down the day of your wedding, sure you will take pictures on your wedding day but you will have so many things to do and people to greet and thank. Taking them a separate day ensures you get all the photos you want and will cherish of you and your husband.

5) Be you! Make sure to let your personality shine! Lately, we have had a lot of brides bringing pets and props to their bridal sessions and we love it!

Check out our bride Kayla’s bridal photos by Jessica Lund Photography.

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