Shalese & Neal || Petals and Promises Real Bride

“Neal and I grew up in the same town , went to the same high school and we had friends from the same family. But we never met or ran into each other! I knew that my best friends older siblings hung out with someone named Neal but I had never met him. Oh well right !? After I graduated high school I decided to go to school an hour away from my home town. In the first week of attending school I went out with some friends to a Young single adult dance. I was sitting at at a table when I saw this really cute guy at the next table. I really wanted him to notice me or something but I just wasn’t brave enough to go talk to him. I left the dance without saying one word to him. But it must have been fate because the next day I went to best friends house and walked in the door and saw the really cute guy from the dance sitting on her couch. He looked up and we introduced ourselves and talked a little. He seemed really nice and funny. While I was out of the room I could hear my best friend and Neal whispering but I didn’t know what about. I walked back in the room to just see them move apart really fast. My best friend was smiling I could tell something was up. Shortly after I had to get home so I headed out. About 15min later my best friend was screaming in the phone with excitement about how Neal thought I was really cute and wanted ask me on a date and if she could give him my number. I agreed without any hesitation. The next day I get a text from Neal asking me if I would like to hangout sometime. I was so excited I called my best friend. We made plans to have our first date that week.
September 14, 2017 the night of our first date I was so nervous. He showed up and we went out for dinner and we had so much fun finding out what we had in common. After our date we had so much fun we hung out for the next 3 weeks straight not missing a day. It was the best time of my life.
Neal and I were engaged on November 30 2017 and we got married on February 2, 2018.
It was the best day of my life and I love spending every moment with him❤️”

Wedding dress: Petal and Promises Bridal
Photography: Kinsey Holt
Hair: Andrea Nelson

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