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“Devan and I were set up on a blind date at the end of May 2017. Our first date went great! The conversation flowed really easily and I felt like we were both able to relax a little and enjoy ourselves. After we’d finished eating we talked for a while longer and then Devan walked me to my car. He asked if he could take me out again that weekend and I happily agreed.
Our second date was where things really clicked. Devan had planned to take me to dinner and then to the SeaQuest aquarium in the Layton Hills Mall. When Devan finally took me home at the end of the night he simply said “I like you” and I told him that I’d had a lot of fun and I liked him too. He said that he already had a lot of things planned with family and would be busy for the next couple weekends, so we’d have to make weekdays work for a while. We were pretty much together from that day forward. It didn’t take long for us to know that we wanted to spend our free time with each other.
After only a month of dating, Devan took me home to Delta with him for the 4th of July where I met his entire extended family on both sides (we are both still confused on why I agreed to that trip so early on haha). We spent the rest of the summer falling in love. We went to Idaho to see the eclipse together, we went on a moonlight lift ride at Sundance, he took me to a star party out on Antelope Island, and we spent plenty of nights just on a blanket under the stars in my backyard talking about the most ridiculous things as well as all of our life goals and dreams. In October we decided to take a trip to California together to see San Francisco and the redwoods. It was 5 uninterrupted days together filled with long car rides, so many laughs, amazing sights, and so much happiness. On our drive home, as we crossed the desert in Nevada, we started planning our wedding. We’d talked about getting married as a general idea before that, but we used those hours in the car to talk dates and plans, and go over a list of marriage questions a friend had given me.
We were engaged in December. Devan told me that we were going to the Zoo lights, but as we were driving towards Salt Lake he turned and drove up the hillside in Kaysville. There was a cute little camp ground were he had lights strung in the trees, a fire going, flowers on a picnic table, and a thermos of hot chocolate. He popped the question and we spent a little while there just enjoying the moment together.

We were married April 7th, 2018 at Union Station in Ogden. It was an absolutely perfect day filled with family and friends. ”

Gown: Petals and Promises Style M578
Photography: Jackie Siggard Photography
Paige’s Ring: Belliston Jewelry
Flowers, hair and makeup: The gorgeous bride herself!

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